2018.10.01.”Lown” BLUES NIGHT@Lown(下北沢)

LIVE AT Lown (下北沢)
Open 19:00 / Start 20:00
M.C.¥2,500 / 前売、 ¥3,000 / 当日 (+ Order)

伊藤正純(vcl, gtr)
ケニー井上(vcl, gtr) ex.久保田麻琴&夕焼け楽団、ex.Sandii & The Sunsetz
石川二三夫(vcl, hrp) ex.Juke、ex.Jungle Hop
若山光一郎(kbd) ex.ウシャコダ
吉田達二(bs) ex.Bob’s Fish Market
岡地曙裕(ds) Swingin’ Boppers、ex.BO GUMBOS、ex.Breakdown

1st Stage
01.Kansas City (Ito sings)
02.Call it Stormy Monday (Ito sings)
03.Keep it to yourself (Fumio sings)
04.Little boy blue (Fumio sings)
05.Nine below Zero (Fumio sings)
06.Oh, Mama (Keni sings)
07.ダイナ (Keni sings)
08.Trouble in mind (Keni sings)

2nd Stage
08.In the evening when the sun goes down (Ito sings)
09.So many roads (Ito sings)
10.Oh Baby (Fumio sings)
11.Blues with a feeling (Fumio sings)
12.Fannie Mae (Fumio sings)
13.Kingston Blues (Keni sings)
14.That lucky old sun (Keni sings)
15.Next time you see me (Keni sings)

17.It’s takes time (Ito sings) – tribute for Otis Rush !!